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Suzhou SPEED ESAY TECH industrial equipment system limited is a high technology  private enterprise, This

company always strive for excellence in quality and perfect after-sales service for the purpose,we have  a high-quality management team, advanced processing equipment, precision inspection equipment, improve the processing technology, professional manufacturing technology and strict management on site.

At present, the company has three business sections:

1. 3D flexible combination welding workbench have D20 and D28 two series, in addition to the workbench, and locating piece, rectangular block, pillar, arbitrary Angle adjustment, v-shaped blocks, pin column and all kinds of rapid fixture, gap adjustment pieces and auxiliary tool. The design concept of the module is clever, and various positioning tooling can be combined repeatedly and flexibly.

2. Zero point positioning system include air pressure, hydraulic two ways to unlock, a variety of specifications for your choice.

3. Servo system transposer, single axis, two weeks, three axis complete types, support non-standard design.


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